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mrcreek ([personal profile] mrcreek) wrote2011-01-10 11:00 pm
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More Maladapted

So I drew a few more comic strips. See the first three here. Check them out:

Maladapted 4:

hopeful monsters in morphospace!

Maladapted 5:
hopeful monsters in morphospace!

Maladapted 6:
hopeful monsters in morphospace!

Velvet worms are adorable members of the Onychophora phylum. A pedomorphic lepidopteran would basically be a butterfly that still resembles a caterpillar. Polychaetes are marine segmented worms (annelids) with "feet" called parapodia. Also, it's remarkably hard to draw recognizable rainbows in a black-and-white medium. Finally, any resemblance between characters in this comic and toys produced by a large, Rhode Island-based corporation is completely unintentional.