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Date: 2011-01-06 02:07 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for adding me! I need an evolutionary biologist.

I like this post about gay marriage. It never occurred to me that the apathetic straight guy is a key to unlocking this issue.

Cheney is also one of my least favorite people.

My take on the gay marriage issue was slightly different. ( It was back on deadjournal -- it's here, if you're interested:


I don't know how to hyperlink on this system with this computer yet.)

Basically, I said that marriage itself is antiquated. It's not a new idea, of course, but I think most people don't realize that we've already been experimenting with institutions like this for a long time. A hundred years ago, the partnership was the predominant form of business organization for more than one sole proprietor. But the partnership came with personal liability for both partners, and it put so much stress on the partners that it is largely being replaced by the corporation, which for various reasons is now being replaced by the LLC. The LLC is now developing in ways that make it suitable for actually replacing marriage; i.e. it's relatively easy to enter into and dissolve, it can be used for collective bargaining for health insurance, it can have provisions for asset transfer at death, etc.

My guess is that eventually this will be the solution to the problem, leaving social acceptance as the last issue to resolve. That is, the ones who want to "preserve" marriage as a "holy institution" will be able to do so, and initially the LLC (or whatever they'll call it) will be only functional. (Note that this was true for marriage in many respects; it functioned to keep the guy around to pay for the kids, etc.) Over time, though, there will be advantages to the new structure that will appeal to straight couples, too, and soon the social acceptance pendulum will swing over there as well.

Like you, I have almost no interest in the love lives of others, but I must admit I am rather intrigued by their business structures.

[I told you I'd be back!]
Like Maude said to Harold, "We're going to be great friends."

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