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2010-03-25 01:37 am
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a straight man's view on gay rights

Writing little essays is kind of fun. Let's try another one.

The issue of marriage equality, and equal rights in general for people all sexual orientations, is very important to both [personal profile] wintercreek and myself. However, even though we arrive at the same conclusions, I think we approach the topic from slightly different places. Understanding why people hold the opinions they do may be helpful for changing the minds of dissenters, so I think this phenomenon is worth investigating. If I may, I will caricature our two positions for the purpose of rhetoric; in reality, of course, there are multiple subtle factors influencing what we believe.
The importance of apathy )
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2010-03-21 10:47 pm
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mature religion

As I have been delinquent in my fiction writing for the past few months, I thought I would post a few opinion pieces.

This is a brief rant on the perceived cultural rift between science and religion. It is widely accepted by advocates of both sides that science and religion are at odds with each other. As an evolutionary biologist, I find the debate difficult to avoid; nearly any blog or forum about evolution inevitably generates commentary by self-described atheists dismissing religion altogether, and/or creationist trolls denying scientific theories because they feel threatened by them and think that a secular worldview will lead to immorality. Although there are legitimate differences of opinion in this conflict, I think the argument is usually poorly defined and misunderstood by many of the participants. If this topic is uninteresting or potentially offensive to you, please read no further.

One under-appreciated truth is that religion is not primarily about God. )