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2015-10-21 04:29 pm

My original fiction

All rated PG or PG-13. For each story, the "background" is a (usually spoiler-heavy) discussion of the science and creative process that went into it.

(Approximately 15,000 words)
Grad students stumble upon what appears to be a message in the human genome. They soon find themselves running from pursuers as they struggle to be the first to decode the secret that connects them to events in the distant past. Featuring prehistoric beasts.

Trail (the sequel to Sequence)
(Approximately 13,000 words)
The grad students trek across the Canadian wilderness as they continue to probe the origins of the mysterious sequence.

The Gardener
(Approximately 6,000 words)
Millions of years in the future, a young man shares a planet with an unusually versatile species. But when others feel threatened by it, he must fight to preserve even a small portion of his world.

The Pioneer (the sequel to The Gardener)
(Approximately 9,000 words)
A young hominid growing up on an alien world finds her peaceful life disrupted by shipwrecked space travelers.

Polymer Monopoly

(Approximately 24,000 words)
In an alternate Pacific Northwest at the turn of the last century, all industry is based on large machines that resemble enormous protein molecules. In this biochemistry-inspired steampunk tale, a hapless salesman finds himself swept into a secret underground movement to topple the ruthless local fuel tycoon.
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2009-11-28 10:26 pm
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The Science of Trail

If you've had a chance to read Trail, here are some spoiler-heavy thoughts about the science and ideas behind it. If not, you could always go read it now (remember to read Sequence first).

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2009-11-02 01:55 pm
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Trail has been posted

Head over to [community profile] originalfiction to read my latest story, Trail. Here are the specs:

Title: Trail
Genre: Original Science Fiction
Rating: PG-13 for moderate (mostly creature) violence, sexual dialogue
Summary: Grad students Don and Barbara embark on another adventure in evolutionary genetics, linking them once again to Starlight and the beasts of his world.
Notes: The sequel to Sequence. Contains spoilers for Sequence, obviously. Approximately 13,000 words. Eight chapters.


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2009-10-21 10:19 pm
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Trail: the upcoming sequel to Sequence

I am writing a sequel to Sequence, called Trail. Apparently my primary use for this DW account will be as a medium for writing and posting short original science fiction stories. Who knew?

I didn't have any aspect of Trail in mind when I wrote Sequence, so it's more like fan fiction of my own story than a planned series. I liked the characters, the theme of using genetics to solve a mystery in a suspenseful adventure, and the blending of two stories from different time periods. It's hard for sequels to be as serious as the original, largely because a greater suspension of disbelief is necessary ("You mean those same people who had all those remarkable things happen to them the first time found themselves in another set of unlikely circumstances?"). So I had a little more fun with this one, and it's more about the characters, action, and animals than about the plot and the mystery.

I want to talk a little about the science and creative process behind Sequence. Since I'm about to start spouting spoilers for Sequence (but not for Trail), I'd better bury the next few paragraphs.

Recommended that you read Sequence first )

Anyway, I should have Trail up soon. I'm really enjoying writing it.