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Location:United States of America
I am an evolutionary biologist and I recently earned my PhD. I live with my partner, [personal profile] wintercreek, and our kid.

I primarily use this account to post original fiction. Common elements you will often find in my stories include:

-Lots of real science, especially life science
-Intelligent characters solving problems
-Large creatures and other organic monstrosities you will never see in a zoo
-The innovative spirit of steampunk with biology in place of steam
-Plenty of action
-Occasional romantic sub-plots but no relationship-focused primary plots
-A persistent sense of wonder at all of the cool components that make up the universe
-Fairly minimal emotional angst or melodrama
-Subtly unconventional gender roles
-Happy endings

Take a look and let me know what you think. If you're an author with similar tastes and you want my assistance as a "scientific consultant" or with any other aspect of the creative process, please drop me a line.
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