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A few items:
First, the denizens of Dreamwidth might get a kick out of this article on receiving constructive criticism.

Then, I can’t really plug one of Lore Sjöberg’s pieces without elaborating on how awesome he is. For over a decade now, Lore has been arguably the funniest man on the internet (beginning with The Brunching Shuttlecocks). Most of his recent work is at Bad Gods, which generally consists of roundish drawings mocking nerdy topics: Dungeons and Dragons, web forums, superheroes, video games, Star Wars, etc.

Then, as long as I’m touting one webcomic, let me point out a few other good ones (all humorous, not serious):

Cowbirds in Love - This strip is like XKCD for biologists. It features poorly drawn but very clever gags, often about science and/or relationships.
Moe Comics - This is a silly comic drawn in a sloppily cute style. If you enjoy dim-witted, loveable losers ala Homer Simpson, you’ll love Moe.
Thinkin Lincoln - Irreverent and anachronistic, this strip features the disembodied heads of various historical figures, giving them immature personalities but mixing in details from their real lives.

The following comics are also exceptional and I read them regularly, but they are all pretty well known and you don’t need me to rate them for you. Among other things, they each have their own Wikipedia page. If you’ve never taken a look, I recommend you do: XKCD, Dinosaur Comics, Piled Higher and Deeper, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Toothpaste for Dinner.

Finally, I don’t want to post a final version of my molecular evolution thriller, Sequence, until it’s been past a beta. Is anyone interested in being my beta? I promise not to take Lore’s advice when receiving your feedback. I can send you the full story in a single document; you don’t need to read any of the draft chapters I’ve posted, as I’ve made some changes since then. Here are the specs for the story:
Title: Sequence
Genre: Original Science Fiction
Rating: PG-13 for moderate (mostly creature) violence, brief nudity, sexual innuendo
Summary: A message lies hidden in the human genome. Who will decipher it first?
Notes: Approximately 15,000 words.


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